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Janderup Computer Service

Welcome to Janderup Computer Services Homepage

IT for everyone, on your level.

Janderup IT Service

IT for alle, i øjenhøjde

We are a small friendly company that consists of the owner and full-time employee, Per Hansen, and 2 part-time employees.


We offer IT Support & Repairs for Home & Business. We can come to you, or you can drop off your computer at our office. Either can usually be arranged within a few hours of your call.


Whether you have a PC or Mac; whether it’s a laptop, desktop, netbook, tablet or smartphone, we will assess the problem and then fix it. It doesn’t matter if it is hardware or software problem, we will find the root cause and offer you the very best, most cost effective solution. So, contact us  for your computer worries and woes.




We also offer friendly advice and recommendations on well-tested software solutions you can access here , and any other computer query you might have.


What’s more, we deal with printers, routers, WiFi equipment and network equipment - we can diagnose all and every problem,  and repair , ifpossible.

You can find us on Facebook or contact us by clicking here

We offer a remote support service, where we can access your computer from our office no matter where you are in the world.


We'll connect to you online via the internet and fix many types of small issues you may encounter such as email issues, software errors or program installation errors. If the issue can not be fixed remotely, you can come to us or we can arrange a visit.

Follow the link below to engage the remote support service.

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